Shower trays Elite Legal

Grid, flange and the housing ladder is made of stainless steel AISI 304 polypropylene (plastic) in this model produced only a siphon, the legs and the shutter.

Shower channel series Elite legal code (4043) is a thoughtful and functional solution for the shower areas barrier-free type.

Package of shower channel:

  • Case (horizontal flange)
  • Legs
  • Shutter (double water seal)
  • Grille (supplied in protective polyethylene film)

* The product is Packed in a cardboard box

Series of shower channels of legal Elites to treat the premium segment manufacturer TM Maxiflow. And not by accident! Grille flange around it and the body is made of stainless steel AISI 304. The thickness of the steel grid 1.5 mm. polypropylene (plastic) in this model produced only a siphon, the legs and the shutter. Output for connection pipe the product has a horizontal DN50. The throughput of water 32L/min.

Move on to the advantages of this model. In addition to strength characteristics and durability due to the use of stainless steel trays are easy to install. By adjusting the legs (85-115mm) the tray can be adjusted to the height of the screed. But what if, after its fill of the lattice is above or below the level of the tiles? And here is another advantage – lattice has height adjustment. For this it is necessary to remove and flip on the inside. So, each side has washer, which can be twisted a little to raise or lower the bars.

What about the smell of sewage? This point is also considered. Inside of the chute has a double seal which prevents the ingress of odors.

A series of legal Elites has the lattice pattern: “rain”, “square”.

Lattice “wave” and “tile” are available on request.

Trough length: 60, 80 cm (under order 33, 40, 50 cm)

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