Rubber pipe insulation

Rubber pipe insulation used for air conditioning, heating, water and sanitation, as well as for HVAC equipment.

Rubber pipe insulation Armaflex Oneflex is a versatile flexible insulation for air conditioning systems, heating, water and sanitation, as well as for HVAC equipment.

Key benefits:

  • Is ecologically clean and does not contain harmful substances
  • Protects pipes from corrosion prevention and appearance of condensate
  • Perfectly protects communications against heat loss
  • For chillers maximally reduces the loss of cold and protects the system from freezing
  • Has the highest Flammability class G1 (which does not allow the material to burn after flame failure)
  • Has a long service life (50 years)
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to salt water, fungi and mould
  • Flexible at all temperatures
  • Easy installation and dismantling

Application of rubber pipe insulation significantly minimizes power costs, increases the life of pipes, saving you time and money!

Form release pipe insulation:
Length - 2m. Thickness - 6, 9, 13, 19, 25, 32 mm
Inner diameters from 6 mm to 114 mm
Color: black

Operating temperature range: -50 (-150).... 1050C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: at 00S – 0,033 W/(MK) according to GOST 16381-77 p. 22
The resistance to water vapor diffusion: ≥ 7000
Good biological resistance
Fire safety - G1-DSTU B V. 2.7-19-95 (GOST 30244-94)

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