The mineral wool Mat stitched

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The mineral wool Mat stitched

Basalt mats for heat and sound insulation of pipelines.

The stitched Mat is a non-flammable heat and sound insulating Mat of mineral wool on the basis of rocks of basalt.

One side of Mat is covered with steel mesh and stitched with metal wire.
Products can be produced with double-sided coating aluminum foil!

The use of a piercing Mat:

  • As heat-, steam - and sound insulation of air ducts
  • For fire protection of ducts
  • For insulation of high temperature equipment
  • As insulation of pipelines of various diameters, steam lines, flues and chimneys

The advantages of the piercing Mat:

  • is applied at a temperature of insulated surfaces up to 750ºС
  • firmware metal wire imparts rigidity of the insulation and easy installation
  • has a high grade of combustibility NG
  • resistant to acids and alkalis, mold and mildew
  • does not absorb water and has excellent water vapour barrier
  • has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity
  • has excellent sound insulation characteristics
  • throughout the lifetime does not shrink (over 50 years)
  • environmentally friendly product

Operating temperature range to 750°C

Form of issue:

  • Length 2400 mm
  • Width 1200 mm
  • Thickness 30-100 mm


  • Density - 50, 80, 100 kg/m3
  • The thermal conductivity of 0,035-0,036 W/MK at 250C
  • The compressibility of no more than 40-50%
  • Elasticity at least 60-70%
  • Flammability group - NG

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