Shower corner ladder 4063

Shower drains are a series of Triangle Line (code 4063) has a housing, the grid and the edge of the ramp of durable stainless steel AISI 304.

Shower ladder series Triangle Line (code 4063) – the perfect solution for those who want to equip the shower area with the installation of a drain near the wall.

Equipment per capita ladder:

  • Body (with rotary siphon by 360°)
  • Shutter (double water seal)
  • Grille (supplied in protective polyethylene film).

* The product is Packed in a cardboard box

The ramp has a triangular shape, and it means that the installation is carried out exclusively between the wall and floor. When installing this model, the slope of the floor is made only to the wall, that is, to the place of installation of the ladder. Due to this flowing water is poured in other parts of the shower area.

The casing, the grille and the edge of the ladder is made of durable stainless steel AISI 304. The thickness of the steel grid 1.5 mm. polypropylene (plastic) in this model are made with only the siphon and stopper. Another benefit of this ramp is a rotary syphon 360°. This greatly facilitates Assembly, as the trap is easy to connect to any sewer pipe. The output of the horizontal siphon pipe DN50. Mounting height is 84mm. Bandwidth 32L/min, will allow the use of a ladder with different types of shower heads. A double water seal inside the chute prevents odors from the sewer.

Applications: shower rooms in residential homes, showers in hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms, etc.

This line has two kinds of grids: the “wave” and “circle”.

The dimensions of the ladder:

  • The height of the ladder: 8.4 cm
  • The length of the base grid 33 cm
  • The lateral edges of the grid with a length of 23.4 cm

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