Drainage trays with the grid Slot

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Drainage trays with the grid Slot

The linear drainage with a wide variety of gratings for use in the private sector.

Drainage system Ekotek Lite 100 is a system of linear drainage system designed specifically for use in the private sector and combines high quality materials with a wide range of lattices.

Grille and Kahnl satisfy all the requirements of surface drainage and can be used in places with high and low intensity movements.

The body of the channel and grating made from high quality frost resistant polypropylene.

Ecoteck narrow nozzle Slot (Ekotek Slot) replaces grille width 13 cm drainage channel and seamlessly fits into the overall look with the width of the opening less than 2 cm at the end of the roadway, terraces or along the garage. Tip-groove is ideal for pavers, 6 cm high.

The advantages of this type of grid:

  • frost-resistant polypropylene
  • minimum surface visibility
  • architectural solutions
  • high strength thanks to the elaborate system of ribs
  • long service life
  • suitable to distinguish different types of coverage


  • sanitation stadiums, velodromes, bike paths, playgrounds
  • sanitation of swimming pools and around the pool
  • drainage of terraces and outdoor areas of cafes, restaurants
  • areas with low traffic – gardens, paths
  • places with the strictest architectural requirements


The installation of the nozzle Ecoteck Slot slot frame is the same as the installation channel with a conventional grille.

Manual installation of drainage trays

sizes of trays:


Length, mm

Width, mm

Height, mm

Tray Ecoteck Light 100.65 h69




Tray Ecoteck Light 100.65 > h85




Grille Ecoteck Slot





Load class: A 15


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