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Soundproof panels Ponstar

Sound insulation of a thin panel under finish floor and under the screed.

In addition to the use on the walls and ceiling, panel Ponstar perfectly used for sound insulation of the floor under the finishing coat without the use of "wet" processes .

Represent a panel of laminated cellulose and granular quartz filler.

The basic thickness, which are used for soundproofing a floor:

  1. Ponstar Duplex – thickness 9 mm
  2. Ponstar Triplex – thickness 12 mm

The dimensions of the panels: 1200х800мм and 800х800мм.
Static load – up to 65t/m2.

They do an excellent job where more concerned about airborne noise, not impact! For example, the cottages and private houses, a building with a hardwood floor, where initially the level of impact noise is lower than in buildings with concrete slab.

Mounted on concrete base and wooden floors.
On sound insulation panels, it is possible to put any coating – linoleum, laminate, parquet, carpet and even tile!

The installation of these panels is not difficult. The most important condition is to level the ground, to avoid large changes in elevation.
Installation on concrete Foundation:

  1. To place the panel on the base, pre-applied to the edges of the plate around the perimeter of the adhesive for bonding (when cutting to glue the cut special tape Wolf Tape)
  2. When applying a larger amount of glue, apply strip through a distance of 10 cm from each other.
  3. After applying the adhesive place the plate and gently push down on it.
  4. 4 hours after drying, the coating is ready for further finishing.
  5. Applying glue for wood flooring, use a special comb on the entire surface of the floor, put a plate and wait 12 hours drying.


Index of reduction of impact noise ∆Lw, R=19-22dB (when the slab thickness of 180mm and the initial value of the shock noise 73дБ). Depending on the selected option pane.

Installation on wooden floors (floor joists):

  • Mounted on a wooden base is on the same principle as installation for concrete base.
  • Floor joists with silencer indoor wooden ceiling from below – the index of reduction of impact noise ∆Lw, R=6-8 dB, of airborne sound ∆Rw, R=13-16dB depending on the model panels.
  • Floor joists with silencer indoor wooden ceiling from below the application panel lining Wolf Vlies – index of reduction of impact noise ∆Lw, R=9-11дБ, airborne sound ∆Rw=15-18dB depending on the model panels. Laying in 2 layers panels: ∆Lw, R=13-16dB, ∆Rw=21-23дБ.

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