Acoustic Islands ROCKFON

Panels with high reflective and light scattering ability.


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Aesthetic, innovative, frameless acoustic island with deep matte, smooth, very white surface. High reflective and light-scattering ability.

Excellent antistatic properties extend the service life of the products.

Easy and quick installation. The possibility to install in places where it is impossible to install acoustic ceilings.

Islands are ideal for buildings with the concept of heat capacity materials.
Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.
It is not recommended to use on the street and in the pools!


  • offices (meeting rooms, offices with open plan reception, dining room)
  • education (auditorium, library, canteen)
  • leisure (restaurants, hotels, concert hall, stadium, Museum)
  • retail trade (shops, Department stores, showrooms, shopping malls), etc.


The size of the Islands:

  • 1160х1160х40мм ROUND warehouse position
  • 1160х1160х40мм HEXAGON storage position

  • The rest of the pieces - on order
  • Panels thickness: 40mm
  • Suspension height: 500 mm
  • Color: very white surface. White (L): 94.5
  • Deep-Matt surface, ideal in critical side light
  • Gloss: the gloss level is 0.8 at an angle of 85°
  • Grade fire safety: B1 D1 G1 T1
  • Moisture resistance: up to 100%
  • The reflection and scattering of light: light reflectance 87% (Back side: 79%) light scattering is >99%
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 15 years
  • Sound absorption: class A