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Panel, wood wool

Acoustic panels and TROLDTEKT SOUNDBOARD.

Perforated plasterboard panels

Plasterboard Knauf Acoustics and Saundlayn-Acoustics for covering walls and ceilings.

Acoustic foam

Для домашней студии звукозаписи.

Acoustic panels DECOUSTIC

Acoustic panels on the basis of CDF.


Acoustic panels based on MDF with natural veneer.

Panel Saunalux-Techno

Completely non-combustible acoustic panels.


Ceiling and wall panels for use in industrial and industrial premises.

Ceiling panels ROCKFON Lilia

Series panels ROCKFON Lilia (Rockfon Lily) have the absorption of class b and a thickness of 15 mm.


Acoustic moisture resistant white smooth plates Rockfon MediCare standard for use in medical institutions.

Ceiling panels, ROCKFON PACIFIC

Series panels ROCKFON PACIFIC have the absorption of class b and a thickness of 12mm.

Acoustic panels are used as a beautiful finishing material for walls and ceilings. But most important, their purpose is the correction of room acoustics.

Correction of acoustics studying architectural physics, namely:

  • the absorption and reflection of sound waves
  • dispersion of sound waves
  • the reverb in the room

*Reverberation is the gradual diminishing of sound when repeated quenching on the surface of the room. The reverberation time indicates the time at which we stop to hear the echo.

The reverberation time depends on:

  1. The size of the room
  2. Materials surface
  3. The number of people located in this room
  4. The presence of sinks and furniture in the room

The lower the reverberation time, the better! But it should be remembered that for each type of room has its own perfect time, we shouldn't equate to the same figure!

As uhworks?
Acoustic panels attached to the profile to the wall and/or ceiling for best effect, most often used absorbing cotton wool for the middle layer of the system.

To correctly calculate where it is necessary to install the panels, you choose the right type of how to combine and get excellent performance – this will help acoustics engineers.

In order to create a comfortable environment, need the help of specialists. As the objects we meet not only with mid-frequency sounds, and high and low frequency.

For sound absorption, the following types of materials:

  • panel, wood wool
  • perforated sheets
  • relief sound-absorbing plates
  • aesthetic wooden panel made of wood or metal
  • napisami coating