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Acoustic panels DECOUSTIC

Acoustic panels on the basis of CDF.


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The premium solution for finishing and correction of acoustics.

The main conceptsia – pane, wood-based CDF. For those selective clients who value eco-friendliness and comfort.
The composition of the panels:
The panel enclosure is made of a CDF in black with the pain density 1000 kg/m3, the back of the panel laminated with fiberglass, system stolovki panel "thorn-groove", the outer side panel is laminated with a layer of decorative film on the basis of melamine, which mimics the structure of the tree. The coating is vandal-resistant.

Panel is processed on the new Austrian equipment Felder using laser tools. Harvesting not only prepariruetsya and made her cuts, but are milled on all 4 sides.

This technology allows you to mount panels without visible seams.

The principle of operation of the panels:

  • The perforated front surface and glued fiberglass on the back side create a good sound absorption effect on high frequency.

There are several types of perforation:

  • Decoustic 14/2 (where 14 is the width of each slat, in mm. 2 is the distance between the slats, mm)
  • Decoustic 30/2
  • Decoustic 16/16/6 and 16/16/8

Possible variations in the fabrication edges

4ШП tongue-and-groove on all sides of the panel.
2ШП/2PCS – tongue-and-groove on the long sides of panel, straight hem on the short sides of the panel.
4 – the groove-groove on all sides of the panel.
2P/2PCS – groove-groove on the long sides of panel, straight hem on the short sides of the panel.
2PP/2ШП – the groove-groove on the long sides of the panel, the tongue and groove on the short sides of the panel.
2PCS/2PP – straight edge on the long sides of the panel, the groove-groove along the short sides of the panel.
BSP – without through perforations (linearity preserved)
BP – without perforations (smooth)

Benefits of panels:

  • impact resistance
  • scratch resistance
  • seamless technology installation
  • sustainability
  • no risk of drying out
  • reliable edge, the cusp, which does not break
  • dimensional stability is the difference of humidity and temperature


  • public and private premises
  • concert halls with electroacoustics
  • music studios and home theaters


  • is made in accordance with the installation instructions.

The types of decoration (minimum delivery time):

Riviera Oak

Maple Natur

The Walnut Ambassador


* On request (delivery time 4-6 weeks)

Concrete Stromboli

Cherry Oxford

Oak Office

Beech Light



White canyon


Concrete Anthracite

Cherry Wallis

Oak Diamond




Japanese Ash

Apple Red Heart


The dimensions of the panels:

  • Width 320/192mm.
  • Length 2768/1379мм.
  • The thickness of 16.4 mm

Group of combustibility G1

The sound absorption coefficient:

  • Decoustic 14/2 on a rigid base, NRC=0.70 (class C).

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