Perforated plasterboard panels

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Perforated plasterboard panels

Plasterboard Knauf Acoustics and Saundlayn-Acoustics for covering walls and ceilings.


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Budget option panels for the correction of room acoustics.
It is the large sheets that have perforations and the inner part is a thin sound-absorbing fabric.

Panels have special resonance type sound absorption of good performance at medium and high frequencies. This design is an oscillating system, the role of the elastic element is the air, and the inertial element is the air tube in the holes of the material.

Thus there is a loss of energy when the forces of viscous friction.

Used for covering walls and ceilings.

Consist of moisture-resistant plasterboard, fire resistant fiberglass black color and water-based glue.

Main types of perforations:

  1. Round
  2. Square
  3. Round diffuse ("starry sky").

We offer perforated plasterboard panels of two manufacturers: Knauf Acoustics and Saundlayn-Acoustics.


  • administrative and office buildings
  • hotels, restaurants, cafes
  • meeting rooms and concert halls
  • schools, kindergartens, offices
  • hospitals and other medical institutions


The main advantages of this material:

  • combustibility group G1 (weakly combustible)
  • environmental safety
  • increased absorption
  • stabilization of the moisture in the room
  • easy Assembly/disassembly (replacement)
  • can be painted in any color

The installation of panels

  1. Dock plates
  2. Check the geometry of the pattern of perforation
  3. Mounting plates with screws to the frame
  4. The filling head screws and jointing.
  5. Cleaning of joints, priming and painting (optional or project).

The coefficients of sound absorption:

Island round perforation 8/18:


Solid round perforation 8/18:

Island square perforation 12/25:



Solid square perforation 12/25:


 The starry sky, scattered perforation 8/15/20 round:



Slabs sizes:

  • 1200h600 mm and 600x600 mm (Saundlayn-Acoustic)
  • 1998 x 1188 mm, 1200 x 2400 mm, 2448 x 1224 mm (Knauf-Acoustic).

Thickness: 12.5 mm
Density: 650-730 kg/m3

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