Plastic dispenser for paper towels

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Plastic dispenser for paper towels

Plastic dispenser for paper towels Z - addition of 200 paper towels.


298 uah

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Dispenser for paper towels Z - the addition of a durable plastic.

Suitable for toilets with low and medium permeability, as it contains 200 paper towels.

Hygienic results and allows us not to touch hands with plastic. Despite the fact that the plastic is blue color, it is good to Shine the content, so the amount of napkins easy to control. The distributor is closed, access is limited to towels. Attached to the wall using dowels (supplied).

  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Brand: Maxiflow
  • Accessory type: dispenser for towels
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Color: blue
  • Size (Ghvh): 10х26х28 см
  • Product code: HD.10.4923.SM

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