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Plastic rain receiver

The rain receiver is designed for local collection of rain and meltwater.


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A rain receiver is used for point drainage . It is designed for local collection of rain and meltwater. It is a box of 317.9*317.9 mm square shape and a height of 296 mm. The rain receiver provides side docking connections with pipes of 50, 110 and 160 mm, as well as docking connections with plastic channels with a height of 65, 125, 175 mm.

Separately with a rain receiver, you can purchase an add-on, with which you can install a rain receiver at any depth.

Scope of application:

  • gutters of roofs of houses and buildings
  • under the irrigation taps
  • roadside pits

 Complete set of the rain receiver:

  1. Decorative plastic grating (load A) or reinforced (load B)
  2. Additionally: an add-on that allows you to increase the volume of the rain receiver, as well as install the structure deeper
  3. A basket for accumulating liquid dirt and garbage
  4. Partitions-a siphon for filtering water from dirt and debris
  5. Plastic rain receiver 317.9*317.9 mm
  6. Special slot for connecting other trays at an angle of 900
  7. Formed hole for connecting pipes of 50, 110 and 160 mm

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