Plastic drain tray PROLINE

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Plastic drain tray PROLINE

Street tray for collection and drainage of rainwater and meltwater in areas load not exceeding 25 ton (class A-C).


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Plastic drain tray series PROLINE (made in Turkey) is intended to collect and drain rainwater and meltwater in areas load not exceeding 25 ton (class A-C).

This series is ideal for:

  • the removal of excess moisture from pedestrian areas, Bicycle paths, sidewalks,
  • for private houses and gardens.

The discharge chute PROLINE made of high quality cold resistant plastic with a powerful system of ribs.

Trays PROLINE series are equipped with a plastic grille Wave, or galvanized steel grate (class a up to 1,5 t per 1 sq. m.).


In the gutters of this series the bottom has a formed hole to connect the pipe of Ø50 mm (for self-cutting with a knife), and special lateral grooves for connecting the other tray at a 90°angle.

For trays, this series offers end caps with additional connection to the pipe Ø50/100 mm.

The supplied Proline:

  • drain tray with a length of 1m;
  • plastic lattice of black colour, 0.5 m or steel formed with a pattern of "Wave" length 1m;
  • end caps with additional transition to the pipe diameter of 50 or 100 mm.


Manual installation of drainage trays

  • Material – polypropylene
  • Tray height: 100mm
  • Length: 1000mm
  • The thickness of the steel grid: 1.5 mm
  • Hydraulic cross-section: 125 mm


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