Drainage trays with grid SLOT

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Drainage trays with grid SLOT

The narrow Slot grid with a width of 136 mm has a load class of A 15.


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The grids and channels of  Lite meet all the requirements of surface drainage. Thanks to the durable, elastic and especially resistant recycled composite, they withstand the passage of machines. The linear drainage system is designed specifically for use in the private sector and combines high quality materials with a wide selection of grids.

The plastic channel of the Lite system is made of secondary PE-PP. A formed hole for connecting pipes Ø 110 for discharge through the bottom of the tray. A special groove for connecting other trays at an angle of 90 ° and a special groove for cutting the tray.

The plastic narrow nozzle  Slot is resistant to corrosion. The mounting of the grille is screwless.

The narrow  Slot nozzle replaces the 13 cm wide grating of the drainage channel and imperceptibly fits into the general view with an opening width of less than 2 cm at the end of the driveway, terrace or along the garage. The groove attachment is ideal for paving stones with a height of 6 cm.

Load class A 15.

The drainage tray with a Slot grate provides unobtrusive drainage and fits into the overall appearance of the landscape.

The channel system complies with the DIN EN 1433 standard

Scope of application:

  • landscaping of courtyards and squares
  • individual developments
  • pedestrian zones and sidewalks
  • cycling areas


  • Tray length - 1 m
  • The width of the tray is 153 mm
  • Height with grid – 126.8 mm

Grid Slot Dimensions:

  • Length - 504 mm
  • Width - 136 mm
  • Height - 85 mm
  • Crest height - 60 mm
  • Maximum load - 1.5 t/m2
  • Throughput at a slope of 0.5% - 2.2 l/sec, a slope of 1% - 3.3 l/sec

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