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Shower trays Scala Prime under tile

Shower pan under the tile has a horizontal rotary syphon 360 degrees and the flange is resistant to extremes of temperature plastic (-30 to 75 °C)

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Shower channels of series Prime Rock (code 4026.360) – this is a great solution for decorating the shower both personal and public use.

Package of shower channel:

  • Body (with rotary siphon on 360градусов)
  • Legs
  • Shutter (dry)
  • Grille (supplied in protective polyethylene film)
  • Hook for quick removal of the grille

* The product is Packed in a cardboard box

Grill this tray is made of stainless steel AISI 304. Steel thickness of 1 mm. it is printed On the protective plastic film, remove the you want after finishing the tiling. The housing, the shutter, the legs and the horizontal flange is made of resistant plastic, temperature extremes (-30 to 75 °C). Low mounting height of the tray is suitable for installation in almost any room (adjustable legs from 55-85mm). The flange design allows you to securely apply the waterproofing material around the grill.

One clear advantage of this model is horizontal rotary syphon 360 degrees. It allows you to easily attach the tray even when the remote position of the sewer pipe. The siphon has an outlet DN50.

Inside gutters installed dry seal to prevent the ingress of odors in the room. It works on the principle of "firecrackers", which opens from the pressure of waste water, and also can be closed easily after flow. Throughput tray 32L/min is 2-3 times higher than the water flow even with the big heads. If the drain pan got hair or debris, use the hook (included) to remove the grille and remove impurities.

Series Prime Rock is a picture of the grille: “tile” (full grid or lattice by laying tiles).

Drawings “rain”, “square”, “wave” custom.

Tray length: 50, 60 cm (on request 33, 40, 80 cm)

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