Shower channels of the Prime Legal series (code 4024)

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Shower channels of the Prime Legal series (code 4024)

with a grid painted with black powder paint

from 902

from 902 uah

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Shower channels of the Prime Legal series (code 4024) - combine key qualities: affordable price, stylish design, easy installation. It differs from the 4023 series by the presence of a stainless steel stretcher for a more aesthetic look in the room. This model is unique in that its grille is painted with black powder paint and baked in an oven for increased abrasion resistance.
The stretcher also has a black color, matching the style of the lattice.

The grille is matte, but under the order for the object, we can make it in gloss.

The complete set of the shower channel:

  • Housing (with 360-degree rotary siphon)
  • Legs (height adjustable)
  • Shutter (dry)
  • Black grille (supplied in protective p/e film)
  • AISI 304 stainless steel grid stretcher

The body, shutter, legs and horizontal flange are made of durable polypropylene. The tray legs contribute to easy installation due to height adjustment from 55-85mm. The flange in this design is needed for reliable installation of waterproofing. The grille is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. It has a p / e film glued on it, which serves as protection from dirt and scratches during installation and until the moment of operation.

The shower tray has a 360-degree rotating siphon, which allows you to easily connect the tray to the sewer pipe even with the most difficult connection. The output of the product is horizontal with a diameter of connection to the sewerage system of 50 mm. A high throughput of 32 l/min will not allow water to stagnate on the floor surface. 

Another key advantage of this model is a dry shutter. It works on the principle of a "firecracker", which opens from the pressure of waste water, and also closes easily after it drains. This shutter will definitely not allow sewer odors to get into the room. When cleaning the drain from the hair, it is enough to remove the grate with a hook and remove debris from the gutter.

The Prime Legal series has a grid pattern: "rain".


  • Tray length: 50 cm (customized 33, 40, 60, 80 cm)
  • Grid pattern: "rain" painted in black
  • Article number: 4024
  • Throughput capacity: 32 l/min
  • Connection: 360 ° swivel siphon to 50mm pipe
  • Manufacturer: Turkey
  • Packaging: cardboard box

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