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Shower channel series Wall Line

Shower channel for installation in the wall.


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Shower channel series Wall Line WDG 2050– series for mounting in the wall.
Perfect and stylish solution for those who value creativity and freedom of space.

This model is easy to assemble, and also easy to maintain. And thanks to the high quality, this model will last for many years and will delight with its ergonomics.

Produced in 3 variants:

  1. Horizontal output, h=60cm, capacity 42 l/min (storage position)
  2. Vertical output, h=30/80cm, capacity 48 l/min (under order)
  3. Horizontal output, h=80cm, capacity 60 l/min (under order)

Main color:

  • satin chrome (in stock)
  • glossy chrome (optional)
  • gold gloss (optional)

The advantages of the series:

  • easy cutting to the desired length from 30 cm to 1m
  • aesthetic appearance
  • easy to clean, easy to remove top cover
  • simple installation with rotary siphon
  • large capacity siphon


  • the mounting brackets
  • the main hidden part
  • butyl tape for mounting
  • plugs for the frame
  • subframe
  • massive coverage
  • the installation part of the frame
  • S-shaped siphon
  • legs for height adjustment


Example of installation:



  1. Make marks in the place where you stroebe wall.
  2. In the wall make a hole with the dimensions: width 30cm, height 14 cm and depth 6cm.
  3. Adjust legs to the desired height and using a level, check the accuracy of the position of the ladder.
  4. Place the siphon and mark where will be fixed the ladder to the floor.
  5. Connect the tube with the outlet of the siphon before pouring concrete.
  6. Apply a base coat and glue the butyl strip to the wall surface.
  7. Apply waterproofing in 2 coats size 1х1м.
  8. Then make a slit in butyl rubber tape where the will drain ladder.
  9. Adjust the width of the frame in accordance with the thickness of the coating.
  10. After the adjustment, fasten the frame to the housing.
  11. Measure the size of the shower area before cutting.
  12. Cut the cover along the length of the shower tool.
  13. Use the device for adjusting the frame between the floor and wall tiles. After adjustment lock the metal frame with silicone or other sealant.
  14. Mount the cover. Depending on the frequency of use, it is possible to remove and clean the siphon.


  • Frame in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Length: 60 and 100 cm
  • Set of adjust frame and mounting parts
  • Kit waterproofing tape
  • Height-adjustable feet, plastic
  • Sameprimary S-shaped trap made of polypropylene: horizontal release, D50, H=60mm, capacity 42 l/min, installation 360°
  • Option: horizontal siphon 60 l/min and vertical siphon 48 l/min - wall


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