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Slotted channels

Industrial slotted drainage channels of stainless steel.


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Slotted drainage system of stainless steel used in interior and exterior sanitary installations as elements of the drainage floor and/or floor strata.

Wherever you require high hygiene, corrosion resistance and durability.


  • enterprises of food industry (Breweries, dairies, slaughterhouses, etc.)
  • the chemical industry
  • catering
  • in public buildings
  • commercial properties

Gutters made of austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 and are manufactured in accordance with PN-EN 1253.

Slotted drain systems are available in many variants depending on the required parameters:

  • the width of a groove, depth and length
  • bandwidth
  • height
  • the type and location of drain
  • type and power grid
  • lattice type

Standard width of drainage gap: 8 mm to 20 mm

All drainage systems are made of any length and of length, consisting of sections up to 4 m, connected by flanges with seals.

Slot slots are usually selected on the basis of the input holes depending on the diameter of the sewer system and their functions. We also provide customized solutions in consultation with the client.


The height of slot: 65-120 mm


Inner width of slots: 8, 15, 20mm

Types of grids:

The types of edges:

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