Standard channels

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Standard channels

Industrial linear trough stainless steel.

Linear trough stainless steel are used in internal and external sanitary installations as drainage element from the floor surface and / or layers of the base.

Wherever you require high hygiene, resistance to corrosion and durability.


  • enterprises of food industry (Breweries, dairy factories, slaughterhouses, etc.)
  • chemical industry
  • catering
  • public buildings
  • commercial properties

Channels are manufactured from austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 in accordance with PN-EN 1253.

Linear drains are manufactured in different configurations depending on the required parameters:

  • width, depth and length
  • bandwidth
  • the bottom level
  • the type and location of drain
  • the type and strength of the lattice
  • the type of drainage section

All the gutters are made of any length and width, usually composed of sections up to 4 meters, connected with a gasket on the flanges.

Each channel has a discharge – trap with water trap and sediment basket.


To choose are 4 types of grids:

Our experts will help You to calculate a decision on Your project.


Standard width drainage: from 150 mm to 800 mm
Thickness of steel: 1.5 mm

Types of bottom:

Straight bottom in the V shaped bottom

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