Insulation pipes in the Medical center

Technical insulation
The client
LCD "Liko-Grad"

The company Sampras has long been supplying a variety of materials in the LCD "Liko-Grad", one of them is heat insulation for pipelines.

During the construction of the Medical Center was used a simple pipe insulation and insulation made of polyethylene foam in a protective shell. Why her? Yes, because it is designed specifically for pipe heating systems, laid in the construction of floors and walls.

  • It will protect the system from mechanical damage, will reduce heat loss in the pipes with hot water and heating systems and prevent the cold in cooling systems.

Insulation color red and blue, facilitates the search for pipes in the screed, if necessary.

Also, pipes of systems of heating and sewage were isolated with the help of sheet and pipe rubber insulation Oneflex 13 mm thick, to reduce heat loss, prevent condensation on the pipe surface and thereby extend the lifetime of your system.