Accessories for insulation

Accessories are used for acoustic decoupling of framed and frameless way of sound insulation, allowing you to increase the level of sound insulation up to 5 dB.


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Accessories are used for acoustic decoupling of framed and frameless way of sound insulation. The use of elastic joints on the perimeter and good sealing of joints will increase the level of sound insulation up to 5 dB!


Vibrotek-M 100 and Vibrotek-M 150 – represent tape in rolls of width 100 and 150 mm. Made from fibrous material that has minimal shrinkage when mounted on the materials and designs.

Tape thickness: 3 mm. Length: 30 m.
The advantages of the application:

  • long operational life
  • excellent value "price/performance"
  • good protection from airborne and structural noise
  • the ease and speed of use
  • minimum shrinkage of the material

Main features:

  • light weight (1 kg)
  • resistance to UV radiation, the effects of weak acids and bases
  • elasticity
  • dynamic modulus of elasticity: at a load of 2 kPa – 0,18 MPa
  • surface density: 300 g/cm2

Mounting method: paste on the acoustic sealant around the perimeter of layer 2 to improve performance.
Material consumption: 2 RM.m tape 1 TDG.m perimeter (glue in 2 layers!).
Applications: floating floors and wooden floors, but the installation ZIPS, the installation of timber frame wall lining and ceilings. Also used as a wrapping material for pipes in the screeds.


Vibro-acoustic sealant Vibrocil is designed for the treatment of joints of sound insulating constructions.

Is a one component, silicone sealant with a specific set of properties.
Working in application: concrete, wood, plaster, enamel, glass, ceramic, plastic, painted surfaces.
Does not cause corrosion of metal!


  • neutral
  • has good acoustic properties
  • reliably seals the system
  • excellent adhesion to other materials
  • resistance to UV radiation

Application temperature: from -10ºC to 40ºC;
Operating temperature:- 40ºC to 150ºC;
Storage temperature: from 0ºC to 25ºC;
Warranty period: 18 months.

Dynamic modulus of elasticity Ed is not more than 2 MPa at a stress layer is up to 15 tons/m2.
Weight: 0.5 kg Cartridge 310 ml.
The flow sealant: 1 tube for 6-8 RM.m seam when laying tape in 2 layers (depending on the width and depth of the seam). Or 20 ml of 1 POG.m in bead size 6х3мм.

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