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Soundproof panels are designed for covering the frame partitions, walls and ceilings.


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Is a sound insulating laminated glass. Designed for the cladding frame walls, walls, and ceilings.
Is the product of two weighted water-resistant (density 1200-1250 kg/m3) sheets of gypsum (GULU) for 8 mm thick and the inner layer is of special acoustical sealant.
In comparison, the density of the normal sheet gypsum fiber Board - 1100 kg/m3.
The essence of the system: thanks to a special sealant two sheets of gypsum fiber Board fluctuate independently from each other, and the total soundproofing is higher than that of a conventional sheet of gypsum fiber Board with a thickness of 16mm. Compared to the plating of a conventional sheet of gypsum Board improves sound insulation in the profile thickness 100 mm 5-7dB!

1 panel Saundlayn-dB = 3 sheets GKL =2 sheet Akulin

The acoustic effectiveness of triplex is actually confirmed.
Flammability group – G1.
Dimensions: 1200x1200 mm. Thickness is 16.5 mm.
Panel weight: 30 kg.
Unique soundproofing walls – to 68дБ!
SAUNDLAYN-dB 16.5 mm AKALIN-gypsum Board 12,5 mm - increase additional sound insulation lining compared to sheets made of gypsum fiber Board 12.5 mm 12.5 mm gypsum Board, ΔRw 2dB.

Specialized acoustic plasterboard high density (1072 kg/m3).
Plasterboard Saundlayn-GCLA used in the construction of frame walls, partitions and ceilings, and can also serve as a finishing layer when the device panels ZIPS.
Key benefits:

  • strength
  • high surface quality
  • good insulating properties

NOTE: the panels can be used in the room where the moisture level does not exceed 70%!
Dimensions: 2000х1200 mm. Thickness: 12,5 mm.
Sheet weight – 32,16 kg.
Coefficient of thermal conductivity not more than 0.25 W/(m*K)
Water vapor permeability of not less than 0.075 mg/(m*h*PA)
Flammability group – G1

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