TECSOUND acoustic membrane

The sound insulation membranes are used in the framing system, insulation to absorb low frequency sounds.


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Soundproof membrane used in the framing system, insulation. The main purpose – the increase of the structural mass and soundproofing system works particularly well at low frequencies.
And also allow you to keep working area in the room.

TECSOUND acoustic membrane has no analogues in the world, as it has a unique composition.
Composition: natural mineral aragonite the molten alloy composites and plasticizers.

Advantages of application:

  • environmentally friendly material (can be used where the stated high requirements in terms of toxicity and environmental);
  • non-flammable
  • the small thickness of the material (2.6 mm – 14 mm)
  • high sound insulation (in combination with shumopogloschenie)
  • frost
  • guarantee – 10 years
  • not moldy and does not rot
  • does not absorb moisture

There are several types of membranes, which differ in the thickness and presence or absence of the adhesive base.
Tecsound 50 and 70 – standard version.
Tecsound SY 50, SY70 membrane with the adhesive layer
Tecsound FT 55, FT75 membrane with synthetic felt on 1 side. The density of the felt – 60 kg/m3.
Tecsound 2FT 45, 2FT80 – acoustic sandwich, which consists of a membrane with 2 sides a felt


  • frame and frameless construction of walls and partitions
  • soundproof ceilings
  • floors under screed floors for finishing
  • the roof structure (under corrugated sheet for sound insulation)
  • lining under metal construction for damping (profiles, direct suspensions, channel, etc.)
  • soundproofing in industry: workshop, cabin)
  • soundproofing doors, cars

What coating can be glued:
all kinds of surfaces (metal, plastic, plaster, brick, concrete, gypsum fiber Board, gypsum Board, chipboard, etc.).
Glued to the surface with an overlap of 5 cm!

All membrane work only in combination with other materials! The material is not suitable for finishing!

The rate of tensile: >30N/cm2 (the membrane itself)
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0,037 W / (MK) (felt)
Flexibility: does not break in bending at t=-20 0 With
Elongation: 300%
Power crushing: 4.84 kg/cm2
The coefficient of sound insulation: 22-30dB


Tecsound 50 (SY50)

Tecsound 70 (SY70)

Tecsound FT 55

Tecsound FT 75

Tecsound 2FT 45

Tecsound 2FT 80


5 kg/m2

7 kg/m2

5.6 kg/m2

7,6 kg/m2

4.7 kg/m2

8.2 kg/m2


2.6 mm

3.8 mm

2.6 mm

3.7 mm

12.5 mm


The size of the roll,m








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