How to choose the right rubber sheet insulation

Choosing a foam rubber sheet insulation, you need to start from the tasks and scope of application.

Buckets for the bathroom – what to pay attention to when choosing

Trash cans come in different shapes and sizes, are made of plastic or metal and can have a number of design features, for example: a rotating lid, a pedal, a lid with a microlift.

Types of handrails for doors and walls

According to the type of construction and method of use, handrails are divided into two main categories: stationary and folding.

Advantages of handrails for the disabled covered with ABS plastic

The ribbed, non-slip surface of the handrails of the handrails in plastic allows you to securely hold on to the handrail without slipping and keeping your balance.

Pipe insulation with foam rubber sheet material

Pipes of large diameters and air ducts, as well as containers, must be insulated with sheet material made of Armacell Oneflex foam rubber.

What is the difference between AISI 201 and AISI 304 steel

Alloy 304 is one of the most commonly used for the production of equipment, parts, pipelines, handrails, as it has high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

We isolate pipes with pipe insulation

Insulation made of foamed synthetic rubber is the most flexible and easily installed insulation of all existing insulation materials.

What brand of steel to choose handrails

AISI304 stainless steel handrails with a high chromium and nickel content in the composition, makes them resistant to corrosion 5 times higher than AISI 201 handrails.

Sound-proof membrane: advantages of application

The TECSOUND membrane is used for sound insulation of ceilings, under the floor screed, it is also used as an independent damping layer for metal structures.