What is pitched aerator

What is pitched aerator?

In this article we will talk about a soft roof, but rather about the irreparable mistakes in her device. On how to avoid them and with what material it can be done. The arrangement of the soft roof is simple, but very important process. And, sometimes, saving on some small things, can make fatal mistakes. One of such is the disregard for arrangement of ventilation roof.

Ventilation need for ventilation of the roof and conclusion of excess moisture. As you receive this excess moisture? There is a perception that the soft roof is sealed. Because the roofing is laid pie film: water barrier and vapor barrier (if stack heater).

Excess moisture is formed every day from taking a bath, cooking, what's even the fact that You breathe. And if the house lives a family, at least four people, the day is formed from 2-4 liters of water vapor. Of course, not all of it goes into the roof, but nevertheless influences it. Also the excess moisture formed by the temperature difference. And it's not only about the strong sun in summer or frost in winter, but the temperature difference between outside and inside. The result of these factors, small drops of water fall on rafters, insulation and other materials. By the way, did You know that when wet even 2% of the insulation, it loses 90% of their properties. And also this contributes to dampness, mold and mildew.

To provide ventilation and drainage of excess moisture can! On stage, the arrangement of the roof, or rather, laying tile, set - point pitched aerator. The installation of the aerator occurs at the stage of installation of the roof, or rather, prior to installing the topcoat. It has a flat base and resembles a box shape. One set aerator can provide ventilation for 5-10m2 roof.

How does the aerator? It works as ventilation, helping air to circulate and draw out excess moisture, thereby the inner pie does not absorb moisture and is not wet. That is the pie of roofing will last you many years, and the materials inside it to fulfil their properties and do not lose their original appearance.

The benefits of using pitched aerators:

  • Preventing overheating of the roof in the summer
  • Protection of the roof from cracks, deformation, breakthroughs
  • Preventing damage to insulation and wooden rafters
  • Prevent the formation of condensation, fungus and mould

Let's summarize! Aerator – this is not an expensive material, the installation of which should not be disregarded. Using this material, You will retain the original appearance of the roof. And materials on the roofing will reliably perform its function for many years. If You are interested in "how to install point pitched aerator" read our article.

Tatiana Pavlovskaya

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