Does it matter the size of the ladder


The choice of the size of ladder or linear channel directly depends on the average volume of water. The ladder is mounted in the concrete floor and its removal would be quite difficult, because you would have to break the flooring and the concrete floor. Therefore, before buying a ladder, you need to decide where it will be mounted and how much bandwidth should be.

For example: If you plan to use a shower system with an overhead showerhead "cascade" or "tropical rain," where large flow of water, the best choice would be shower channel that has greater bandwidth.

We have have showers with channels of different lengths from 33 cm to 80 cm. Choice of length also depends on the planned size of the shower enclosure. An important condition for the installation is the slope flooring to drain and the water does not pass outside the shower enclosure. Therefore, installation needs a specialist who will take into account all the nuances and drainage system will serve you for years to come.

It is convenient that linear ramps adjustable height legs. This allows you to adjust the depth of the ladder with the height of the floor.

The linear ramp has an aesthetic appearance, visually expands the space. There are different options of bars and even one where you can put the tile on top of the grid and this option will not differ from flooring. Grid made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1 to 1.5 mm.

Shower channel has a high capacity 32L/min, which would ensure rapid drainage. There are horizontal or vertical release pipe with a diameter of 50mm.

Can choose from two options of shutter is the most suitable for you: dry and double water seal.

Mounted along the wall by the width or length of a shower. The slope of the floor is one way to the ladder.

For point drainage, or for shower system with a small lake is more appropriate ladder. Most often it is a square shape, can also be seen in the form of an oval and triangle. Are versatile, compact and affordable. The housing may be made of polypropylene or stainless steel completely.


  • a grid size of 100 mm X100 mm, 150 ммх150 mm, 200 mm ммх200 (plastic, stainless steel, cast iron)
  • have the horizontal and vertical outlet pipe (the pipe 50, 70, 100)
  • shutter hydro or dry
  • a bandwidth of 0.8 l/s 1,5 l/s


Under the ramp floor is done with a bias of two types: an envelope of two planes. When laying the envelope of the ladder is placed in the center of the room or shower enclosure.

The advantages of these ladders affordability and practicality. The only caveat that packing envelope should hold a specialist.

Linear channels cover more area due to its size and, consequently, better and faster too. Their enclosure can be a plastic, and a lattice of stainless steel or completely made of stainless steel. Ease of use: just wash the floor and clean the shower channel.

For the elderly, which can have problems with the musculoskeletal system, more suitable ladder or a shower channel is built into the floor than a bathroom or shower.

Compact and practical ladder for those places where the discharge of water minimum or average. Affordable and virtually invisible in the showers.

Anna Lozenko