How to equip a bathroom for people with limited mobility

Caring for people with disabilities is always a lot of work. Also, people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, patients after surgery, the elderly and women at the end of pregnancy require special care. Naturally, if it is difficult for a person to move independently, then the process of washing and other hygienic procedures can turn into a real feat that requires incredible efforts from a person in need of help and people caring for him. In order to improve the quality of household tasks and make life easier in general, special equipment for the bathroom is used — folding seats, handrails, etc.

The lion's share of attention should be devoted to the choice of devices for direct washing, as it is necessary to reduce the risk of slipping, falling and bruising people with disabilities. A special seat, handrails, side steps will protect the disabled person during washing, reduce the physical load on the person who helps in carrying out hygiene procedures. After all, in developed European countries, apartments and houses have long been equipped with everything necessary to make people with limited mobility feel comfortable. And Ukrainian legislation takes all necessary measures to meet the level of a developed European state.

Functions and purpose of bathroom products for people with disabilities

The main tasks are considered to be ensuring two tasks: comfort and safety of a patient with limited mobility. This implies the functionality of products for bathrooms of apartments where a person with disabilities lives:

  • optimal distribution of body weight during the washing process
  • expanding the capabilities of patients with limited mobility
  • simplifying the care of the sedentary
  • reducing the burden on caregivers
  • they allow a disabled person to carry out hygiene procedures independently, without resorting to the help of others


What are the types of devices for bathrooms and showers for MGN

Devices for baths and showers should combine reliability, strength, durability, functionality. Ergonomics is also important — after all, the size of domestic bathrooms is small, and it is not an easy task to accommodate the necessary equipment there. Therefore, it is worth looking for special equipment to facilitate the life of disabled people only in specialized stores. Often organizations that sell such products offer these types of devices:

The seats for swimming are folding. The folding mechanism allows you to quickly unfold or fold the seats, similar to how it happens on a train. Suitable seats for use in apartments, houses, medical institutions. The seats are mounted on the wall in the shower or above the bath. The wall on which the installation is carried out must be load-bearing. If the fasteners need to be made into a drywall wall, special reinforcing bookmarks are used, which will make the structure reliable. Such devices are divided into 2 subspecies:

With a wooden chair - a wooden flat seat covered with a special moisture-resistant impregnation is provided on a steel frame.
With a plastic seat-the plastic seat is placed on a plastic frame, which is held by a strong steel structure.

Handrails. They are mounted next to the seat so that it is convenient to hold on and get up as needed. It is better to choose stainless steel equipment, which is characterized by increased strength. They increase the safety of hygienic procedures, perform the function of support. In addition to the shower area, such handrails are equipped with the entire bathroom-near the toilet, along the walls, at the door.



Tatyana Pavlovskaya