How to clean the door tray

Door pallets, they are also trays, are extremely useful devices. With their help, you can provide reliable protection from moisture and dirt, which is brought into the room with the shoes of incoming people. Roadside trays are used in private houses, estates, cottages, they are widely distributed in places with a large crowd of people: at the entrance to hospitals, public catering establishments, retail outlets and other organizations with high traffic. You can not do without a door tray at an industrial enterprise.

This simple device ensures cleanliness in the corridor or other room located at the entrance to the building. Note: the trays are mounted in different ways. Some are installed independently, the second have a branch to the sewer system, which contributes to more efficient operation of the device. Also, some rooms assume the installation of a door tray not outside, but inside right under the entrance door. We will talk about how to quickly, simply and correctly clean the door tray.

How to properly clean the door trays

If the door tray is not connected to the sewer, you should:

Remove the protective grid using special latches on the fasteners.

  1. Rinse the grate under running water and let it dry.
  2. Remove the accumulated liquid from the tray with a rag or sponge.
  3. Rinse with a disinfectant and let it dry a little.
  4. Put the protective grid back.


If we are talking about a pallet at a hospital, hospital or other institution that requires high cleanliness, you can treat the plastic pallet with any bactericidal agent, since the material is not afraid of alcohols and other aggressive substances.

If the door tray is connected to the sewer, the process of care and cleaning is minimized. Without removing the protective grid, it is enough to spill 10-20 liters of water in order to wash off dirt and stuck grains of sand. If the pallet is heavily clogged with garbage, for example, in the autumn due to falling leaves, remove the grate and take all hygienic measures. Clean the grate from dirt by hand, wash it, let it dry. Put the grill back in place.

Which pallet is better to choose for simple care

In order for the pallet to effectively perform its function and require minimal care, it is worth giving preference to proven brands of manufacturers.  The inner part of the tray is made of high-quality plastic, which is not subject to corrosion, oxidation. The material is easy to clean with standard detergents and plain water. Also, the plastic is easy to mount, since the weight of the entire device does not exceed 4 kg.

Another advantage of  plastic door pallets is the possibility of treatment with disinfection agents, which is becoming a priority in modern conditions.

Plastic can be treated with bactericidal agents, sanitizers and other substances that contribute to the death of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

The rectangular configuration of these pallets allows you to mount an individual device, or make a whole system of several trays for rooms with high traffic and a wide entrance group. 2 materials are used as a lattice. Plastic grilles are lighter, often installed in private homes and cottages. Steel grilles are designed for an increased load of up to 1.5 tons.

This suggests the use of steel grilles for pallets in places with high traffic and load. The tank is equipped with stiffening ribs, which adds strength and ensures a long service life.

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