How to install point pitched aerator

In a previous article You've already learned, "what is pitched aerator".

In this article we will examine step by step how to mount it. It may seem that a pitched aerator – it's kind of scary and complicated device, but actually it is not so. After reviewing the main standards for the installation, You will be able to perform the installation on their own.

Installing aerators on soft roof in the required amount in relation to its area, You will provide a dry insulation and other materials.

Aerator made of polyethylene – that means he's resistant to moisture, temperature changes, UV rays and retain their original appearance for many years.

The first thing to do is to calculate the number of aerators to the area of the roof. One aerator can provide improved ventilation for 5-10m2 of roof.
Once You have decided on the number of products, you can begin the installation.
It runs in 4 simple steps.

The crate cut the hole the size they should coincide with the internal gap of the channel of the aerator. On the plywood place the base of the aerator on the roof, passing through the channel with a pencil draw the outline of the hole contour.

Second stage: using the jigsaw on the planned markup to cut the hole. The layer of waterproofing and insulation should remain intact. On top of the hole place the aerator. After all correctly made, you can attach it using roofing nails or screws. You should use at least 6 nails. For additional fixation can be further fluff aerator bituminous adhesive.

The lower part (frame) of the aerator must overlap the shingles of the lower row of shingles.

Further, the aerator coat with bitumen mastic and put on top of the shingles. Outside leaving only the lid visible.

Similar to mount and other aerators. While pre-calculate their number and location. According to the standards between the aerators should be a distance of not more than 12m.

As You have seen, installation of the aerator is not a complicated thing and even autodidacts. Time to spend a little and use get the most. Thanks to pitched point aerators, You will provide ventilation of roof to prevent condensation and settling on the insulation, and also prevent the formation of mildew and mold.

Tatiana Pavlovskaya

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