How to install a shower ladder

Modern bathroom design options involve the installation of shower cabins instead of standard baths. It is simple to explain this: saving space and a stylish appearance make such a design both convenient and practical, and corresponding to the ideas of modern renovation. You can choose the option of a shower with a tray, a more modern one is considered a shower without a side, in which water flows to the floor in the bathroom and is discharged using a drain ladder.

This design solution is practical and durable. The main thing is to install the ladder correctly during installation, so that the water is quickly discharged into the sewer and the system is sealed. Read more about the design features of the ladders under the tile and how to make the installation so that everything works perfectly

Design features

There are two types of ladders: vertical and horizontal. The first option is relevant in private homes and country cottages, when sewer pipes pass under the floor. The vertical type has a high throughput. The horizontal type is installed in apartments of high-rise buildings, because usually the sewer drain runs along the walls.

When buying a ladder, make sure that the kit contains a complete set of parts, namely:

  • A siphon. It includes 2 components: a hydraulic lock, a dry or mechanical lock. The main task is to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant smell from the sewer. There is a float in the dry gate, which is lowered to a certain mark — in case of drying out of water, the system will block the output mechanically. The mechanical shutter is suitable for rooms without heating, as it does not freeze even in severe frost.
  • The grid. A decorative element that covers the structure from above.
  • Drainage ring. In case of a break in the waterproofing, it will help to drain the water.
  • The steel flange of the clamping type ensures the tightness of the structure.
  • The body of the structure.

How to choose a ladder

To choose a device, you need to decide on such things:

  1. Where to remove the water. That is, to buy a horizontal or vertical mechanism.
  2. Measure the pipe. Standard dimeters in Ukrainian cities are 50 m 110 mm.
  3. Measure the height of the floor, it will tell you the required height of the drainage system.
  4. Choosing a place. You can put it in the center, in the corner, along the edge of the shower. In the first case, the slope of the floor should go evenly from all sides to the drain. For the corners, you need a triangular device, a slope in all directions to the selected corner. In the third option, look for a slotted drainage system, and make the floor slope in one direction.

What you will need

In addition, directly, to the ladder itself, purchase:

  • cement
  • construction sand
  • a membrane for waterproofing
  • noise-insulating coating
  • special glue
  • tile or non-slip tile for finishing the floor covering.

Installation process

Let's consider the option when a new shower room is made in an already built house, since when building a new object, the output of the sewer is always designed in advance, taking into account all communications.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Remove the top layer of the floor to the concrete floor.
  2. Installation of sound insulation. Usually, foam is used from 2 cm thick, put with a slope to the required installation site of the drainage system. Check the level at all stages.
  3. Cut out a chute in the foam for pipes and a ladder.
  4. Mount the ladder in the right place, connect it to the sewer drain, check the tightness. Make sure that the grate is installed at the floor level using the level.
  5. Degrease the ladder with acetone or alcohol so that the screed fits snugly to it.
  6. Make the concrete fill, observing the required level of inclination.
  7. After drying, seal the drain with a sealant.
  8. Fill in the waterproofing layer and lay the membrane.
  9. After drying, pour the final concrete screed.
  10. Finishing works — laying tiles.

The final stage is to wait for complete drying and enjoy a new shower cabin with high-quality water output.

Tatyana Pavlovskaya