Some bars to choose for ladder


Shower trays and ladders are becoming more popular for owners of apartments, and for hotels, sports centres, swimming pools. If you want to get an alternative to shower trays and save space – this is the option.

Most of the time we spend at work, but sometimes I want to have a cozy corner for relaxing at home. Water procedures relieve stress after a busy working day. How much time we spend in the bathroom? Not so little. So why not make it their place for relaxation and relaxation. For this purpose we offer a highlight for your bathroom – trap or shower tray with a beautiful and stylish bars, which will complement any interior.


If you want to grill in addition to the main objective of drainage water was exquisite and spectacular view, then it is better to purchase a shower tray supplied with one of 4 types of grids to choose from: "rain", "wave", "square", "tile".

Grid made of stainless steel. Steel thickness 1 - 1,5 mm. Length of the grating can be from 33cm up to 80cm.

Grilles are versatile and can be used with steel and plastic casing. Water enters into the holes on the sides of the lattice, and also in the slot on top. The grid in the tray is completely immersed in the groove and is equal to the height of the bumpers. You can easily get this grille and p

to clean the tray.

The main advantages of grid "tile": made so that inside it you could put some tile or mosaic. The tile is cut to the width equal to the inner distance of the chute, and then knead the glue and lay inside the gutter, distribute special scraper. Then placed on top of the tile so that it coincided with the edge and did not speak for him. Between the grille and the trench around the perimeter are holes and where will drain the water.

If you have a small space and the capacity of shower heads not high, you can purchase a compact ladder. Even these models of ladders can indulge in designer bars.

The small ladders are used in the premises for different purposes. You can see them from a neighbor, in production facilities, saunas and many other places. They are practical and affordable. Their body may be square, triangular or round shape. Often popular for the square lattice, namely:

  • plastic 100 mm X100 mm, 150 mm X150 mm. This grid is most often purchased for installation during the installation of the ladder. After it install the bars, which will be constantly used. Load up to 250 kg.
  • stainless steel 100 mm X100 mm, 150 mm X150 mm, 200 mm X200 mm. Withstands loads up to 300 kg;
  • cast iron grating 100 mm X100 mm,150 mm X150 mm. in demand in the factories and workshops, which have high strength requirements. Load up to 1,5 tons.

For showers with corner ramps offer options stainless lattices of size 234 mm х234 mm. You can choose pattern: "square", "circle", "wave". In the shower, where I do not want to place the ladder in the middle and make special bias of the four parts, the best choice is a corner ladder. No need to do a complex gradient for water.

As you can see, the choice of shower trays, ladders and racks to them are quite varied. Once the shower tray or ladder, you can easily pick up the bars to them. Here you will be able to find these products for yourself in a house or apartment, for businesses, swimming pools, sports complexes and hotels.


Anna Lozenko