Linear or point ladder: advantages

The key part of any shower cabin is the system responsible for the discharge of water into the sewer. This is exactly what ladders – drain elements that are placed in the floor, less often in the walls of the bathroom, cope with. The ladder is installed so that the upper part of its grid is flush with the floor tiles.

The shower ladder is a gutter-type system. It is embedded in the floor screed, which ensures unhindered discharge of waste water from the shower stall into the sewer. With proper installation of the drain, in addition to diverting water, the ladder will additionally prevent the penetration of garbage into the drain channels in order to avoid their clogging and the appearance of an unpleasant smell from the sewer system in the bathroom.

Among the main tasks that the shower ladder performs, there are:

  • Discharge of dirty water into the main drain channel
  • Preventing the penetration of particles and debris clogging the pipes into the drain channel to prevent blockages
  • Sealed connection to the docking area
  • Providing access to the drain system for cleaning pipes
  • Acting as an emergency drain, protecting the bathroom from flooding by neighbors who live on top

To equip bathrooms, different models of ladders are used, which differ in the type of configuration. However, they all work on the same principle, so their design elements are similar.

Advantages of using a shower ladder under the tile

The ladder is the main part of the design of stationary shower cabins, in which the overall pallet is replaced by a small drain hole, which has not only an aesthetic appearance, but also auxiliary capabilities:

  • The ladder is able to effectively solve the problem of limited bathroom space, where it is not possible to install a shower stall even with the smallest tray
  • In large rooms where it is necessary to install several showers, the most rational choice is also the installation of a ladder for draining water into the sewer
  • Installation of the ladder is necessary in those places where there is a possibility of spilling water on the floor and flooding the room, for example, under the bathroom, sink in the kitchen, near the washing machine
  • Among other things, the shower stall without a pallet allows you to implement more design solutions when decorating the bathroom

Aboutnew types of shower ladders

According to the type of installation, there are two most popular types of ladders:

  1. Spot-can be installed anywhere in the shower area. Most often, such ladders are mounted closer to the center, but they can also be placed in the corner. Most of all, the point ladder is suitable for small cabins or separate shower areas
  2. Linear-have a higher throughput due to the increased dimensions. Thanks to this, a larger volume of water goes into the sewer in a minute. The installation of ladders is best suited for multifunctional cabins that differ in the consumption of large volumes of water



Features and advantages of point shower ladders

Spot ladders come in different shapes, but square or rectangular drains are more popular and easy to install.

The point ladder has compact dimensions, which usually do not exceed 150*150 mm. Such structures have a throughput capacity of up to 25 liters per minute.

The advantage of square and rectangular point ladders is due to the fact that they are affordable and fit more harmoniously into the tile floor lining, since there is no need to cut out another shape from it. Another advantage is that spot drains can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. The only requirement will be to create a uniform slope from all sides towards the drain hole.

Features and advantages of linear shower ladders

Linear ladders allow you to avoid the need for any additional thresholds, pallets or other structures for installation. It is enough only to provide a small slope to the drain, as well as to determine the necessary length of the drain hole itself.

Linear ladders for tiles are made of stainless steel with lids supplemented with special slots or patterns. The main advantages of such a drain system are considered to be:

  • the linear ladder allows you to use the floor in the shower cabin as efficiently as possible
  • this type of plum is most optimal for children, the elderly, as well as people with disabilities
  • high throughput for the removal of dirty water
  • stylish appearance and the ability to integrate into any bathroom design

Thanks to the installation of the ladder, it becomes possible to create a shower area so that you can use it as comfortably as possible, without limiting yourself to the standard sizes of shower cabins with pallets.


Kulagina Anna