Shower ladder with a rotary siphon: advantages, types

More and more people in the process of repairing and arranging the bathroom prefer to install shower cabins, rather than standard baths. This choice is quite justified: saving space in not very spacious bathrooms. In addition, the shower room looks modern, and if you choose a model without sides — you can make your own shower completely corresponding to the current understanding of aesthetics and practicality.

Naturally, a shower room without sides cannot be complete without a shower ladder, which provides reliable drainage and tightness of the system. The shower ladder under the tile is a drain mechanism through which water is discharged, flowing directly to the floor. In fact, ladders are an extremely useful thing in case of emergency situations: if a pipe breaks or you are drowned by neighbors from above — water will be drained into the sewer through the ladder without your participation, which can save you from spending money and other household troubles.

What are the ladders and their advantages

Drainage systems for shower rooms come in different configurations: angular, gutter type, linear, point. The choice of configuration depends on the place where you plan to mount the drain. And, of course, this is directly related to the location of sewer pipes in each particular case. When it comes to the construction of a new facility, the project plan provides for the placement of all communications and system components in advance, and in this case, difficulties rarely arise.

But when the question concerns the installation of a new shower in an old apartment or other real estate object, some difficulties may arise due to the location of sewer communications. In this case, such a device as a siphon with a rotary mechanism can become indispensable. Simply put: such a siphon can be connected to any configuration of sewer pipes, even in the most inaccessible cases.

Popular types and models of ladders with rotary siphons

There are many variants of ladders with rotary siphons on the market. We present an overview of the most popular and popular models:

  • Elite Legal 360 shower trays - a distinctive feature is a 360-degree rotating siphon. In fact, you can turn the structure in any direction and mount the shower tray even in a place where the sewer drain is difficult to reach. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the used brand of stainless steel-AISI 304, which is characterized by durability, strength and practicality. All plastic parts, including the rotary mechanism, are made of high-strength polymer of the ABC type. The washers for adjusting the height of the tray will help to correct the position if you have chosen the wrong installation height. By the way, the system is suitable for floors with a minimum level of screed.


  • Prime Scala shower trays for tiles are equipped with DN50 siphons, which have a horizontal configuration and also rotate 360 degrees. Designed for installation in showers under tiles, tiles and other floor coverings. The plastic used for casting the mechanism is resistant to temperature changes in the range from -30 to 75 °C. The dry shutter provides protection from unpleasant odors from the sewer, and the fast drainage is equal to 32 l / min.


  • Shower trays Classic Legal 360-the rotary siphon in this series is made of the strongest polypropylene, which provides a high temperature range, durability and reliability. A double water lock will avoid the appearance of a smell from the sewer, will maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the room. The tray is easily cleaned with a hook that comes with the kit — hair and small debris are easy to get by hand. It is perfectly suitable for repairs in already built bathrooms, as it has a low installation height. A horizontal output with DN50 connection is provided. By the way, there is a wide variety of lattice patterns.

Tatyana Pavlovskaya