Shower ladder in the floor under the tile

Now the shower cabin is much more popular than the traditional bathroom. There are several reasons for this. First of all, this choice is caused by the small area of domestic bathrooms, in which there is simply not enough space for a full bath.

Secondly, the cabin is much more practical as an express way to take a shower, because you will agree that a modern person who is always in a hurry rarely has time to take a bath in peace. Often, we prefer quick bathing procedures and a shower cabin for this is the best option.

Thirdly, the shower cabins of modern production have a uniquely stylish appearance. Many manufacturers have launched models of showers without sides that look modern and presentable.

Not the last question in the installation of a modern shower cabin is the choice of a ladder for water drainage, which is mounted directly into the floor, if we are talking about a cabin without sides.

In fact, the ladder is an ordinary drain hole, the quality and correct installation of which will depend on how well the water drains and how clean and dry the bathroom is. Therefore, the choice of a ladder is a serious question.


What does the ramp look like

The design features of the ladder are the shape of a funnel through which water is collected and discharged into sewer systems. On the one hand, an adapter for fixing is provided on the ladder, on the other — a coupling through which it is connected to the drain pipe. Inside there is a special grille that acts as a shutter. Naturally, the ladder, as well as the entire cabin without a pallet, are absolutely useless if the owner has not taken care of a waterproof floor covering.

Why do we need a ladder

The ladder for the shower cabin under the tile has the following functions:

  • collect and drain water when a person takes a shower
  • detains hair and other debris that can get into the drain pipe and cause a blockage
  • it does not pass unpleasant odors from the drain pipe
  • allows you to easily clean the drain system if necessary
  • it acts as an emergency drain, which is especially important if you are drowned by neighbors from above


What are the ladders?

According to the design features, the ladders are divided into 3 groups:


  1. Point-based 
    The smallest, compact ladder that can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. The ideal installation option is in the center of the room, the main thing is that the slope from all sides is uniform. It is these ladders that are most often used as emergency drains in rooms where there is no shower without sides.
  2. Linear 
    In another way, this type of ladder is called a shower tray or a drainage chute because of its gutter-like shape. The easiest in terms of installation, since the slope of the floor should be done only in one direction towards such a ladder. Most often they are placed along the walls or at the exit from the bathroom. The model is perfect for large rooms where “tropical rain " systems are installed.
  3. Wall-mounted 
    The most inconspicuous shower ladder, which is hidden behind a false wall. Decorative grating hides the joints between the wall and the floor. Quite difficult to install.

Tatyana Pavlovskaya