Ladders for corrosive environments

Buildings and structures of different industries, commercial, utility and similar type objects contain spaces, which are technology functions, systems and equipment associated with the generation of aggressive physical environment in the surrounding space.

Hostile environment is a region of space with high acidic or oxidizing action of high temperature and humidity, the influence on the surface from the production material, gases or auxiliary raw materials and providing an increased destructive effect both on the equipment and the elements of the room. Operation of the equipment and fittings in such conditions leads to increased intensity of wear.

This type of environment is taken into account when selecting equipment and when equipped with the premise. All surfaces of the room, its ceiling, walls and floor are calculated for work under the influence of aggressive environment. This, of course, affects the design of their construction, method of application and type of materials used. The items that will be exposed to corrosive environment, but the operation, which is fundamentally to maintain the health of the premise, are chosen of a special type.

Materials, the dirt and liquid will be deposited on the floor and, in combination with increased temperature and humidity will have a few increased a damaging effect on the material from which it is made and the individual elements of its design.

One of the elements of the floor structure is a system of removal of water from its surface. Part of this system serve as ladders for water drainage.

Like all the details, and floor materials, ladders in areas with aggressive environment should be designed for the higher physical and chemical load.

In the industry, with strict requirements to hygiene and security ladders stainless steelthat meet certain standards. At the time of operation, when large temperature differences occur linear expansion of the material, and plastic body normal ladder could not efficiently deal with the problem, in contrast to the gangway in stainless steel. The difference in the substrate is critical.


Our company recommends the ladders and their components are made of stainless steel AISI 304. This steel is resistant to acids and withstands temperatures up to 900ºС. Ladders TM Maxiflow are highly resistant to dirt, moisture, dust, vapors of acids and reliably serve for a long time.


The scope of such ladders, for example:

  • food production
  • dairy factories
  • meat processing plants
  • confectionery production
  • pharmaceutical factory
  • chemical production


The advantages of these traps:

  • resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion
  • the ability to withstand heavy loads
  • the possibility of operation at high temperature conditions

Parameters of stainless steel ladders:

  • grid 10 cm x 10 cm, 15 cm x 15 cm, 20 cm x 20 cm
  • pipe diameter 50 mm,70 mm,100 mm
  • outlet pipe vertical or horizontal


Depending on the required bandwidth ladders are offered with a yield of 50 mm to 100 mm, For corrosive media most suitable gangway with grating 20 смх20 cm with horizontal or vertical outlet pipe DN 70 mm or 100 mm.

The basis of the gangway or channel is installed in a concrete screed and then filled with saline. This design is subsequently maintained only through the bars.

Remember that quality work in premises with aggressive environment depends on the correctness of the overall design of this room, and the quality of its individual elements and details.


Anna Lozenko

If You need ladders of stainless steel, which meet high standards of hygiene and safety, contact us! I will be happy to advise and help in choosing.