Installation of a toilet seat

Despite the apparent simplicity of the design, installing a toilet seat with your own hands sometimes raises questions. This is quite logical, because if the installation is incorrect, there is a risk of damaging the mount, seat, lid, or causing damage to the toilet, which costs much more than the accompanying attributes. Among other things, ceramics are quite sensitive even to minor bumps and scratches, so the correct installation of a toilet seat is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. In this article, our experts will give simple instructions on how to independently install a seat with a lid on the toilet without damaging the ceramics.

Installing a standard seat

If you have purchased a traditional seat, the following items should be included in the delivery package:

  • the cover and the seat itself
  • fasteners-studs and nuts to them
  • gaskets for fasteners

After making sure that the complete set is complete, proceed with the installation:

  1. The mounting brackets must be inserted into the slots on the lid.
  2. Set the distance between the mounting brackets depending on your toilet model.
  3. Wipe the toilet surface with a dry soft cloth.
  4. Insert the seat with fasteners into the hole on the toilet. Act carefully, avoid sudden movements, bumps and other loads. Lower the seat cover smoothly.
  5. Tighten the bolts with nuts until the lid is firmly fixed in the desired place.

Installing a seat with a microlift function

Many modern covers are equipped with a microlift function. It automatically lowers the lid after use, does it smoothly and gently, which reduces the impact load on the toilet. This is a very useful feature that is inexpensive, but it is able to protect ceramics from the appearance of microcracks, chips, and significantly extend the service life of the toilet. This function is especially useful for families with children, because often children are not inclined to excessive accuracy and careful attitude to household items. You will also be spared from the sound of constant blows coming from the bathroom, which significantly increases comfort.

In order to install a seat with a microlift, you will need:

  1. Insert the sealing bushings into the mounting holes on the toilet.
  2. The rubber bands of the gaskets are installed in the microlift mechanism.
  3. Install the microlift on top of the mounting holes.
  4. Put the washers on the mounting bolts.
  5. Insert the bolts with washers in the holes of the microlift.
  6. The mounting distance should be adjusted during the installation of the bolts.
  7. After settling, unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver.
  8. Put protective cups on top of the attachment.
  9. Install the studs in the appropriate holes.

If you follow the above instructions, the process of installing the seat should not cause difficulties. Follow the two main rules: be careful and do not rush, in this case, you can install a new toilet seat, even if it is equipped with a microlift function, yourself, without calling a plumber.


Kulagina Anna