Choosing a mixer for a new apartment

When the repair process in a new home is almost finished, there comes a pleasant stage of choosing components, furniture and accessories. The choice of faucets for the bathroom and kitchen is an important task, since a lot of processes will depend on the functionality and reliability: washing dishes, food, hygiene procedures and much more are directly related to this simple device. About what a good mixer should be — read the advice of our specialists further.

What you should pay attention to

Modern mixers are divided into:

  • for the bathroom
  • for the kitchen
  • for the washbasin


Depending on the configuration, a watering can or a shower with a hose can be attached to the mixer.

For the bathroom, a mortise mixer is required, which is mounted directly into the wall for docking with the water supply. The main task is to fill the bath, fill the containers with water — for example, a bucket for washing the floor. Such a mixer is usually equipped with an outlet for a shower hose, where switching modes is performed using a divertor. The optimal length of the hose is from 1.5 to 1.7 m, so that it is not short or, on the contrary, too long. The watering can is mainly with silicone nozzles. This option is reliable and functional.

For a washbasin in the bathroom, the mixer should not be too long, so that water does not spray on the sides during use. If the main task of such a washbasin is the ability to wash your hands or brush your teeth — a mixer length of 12 cm is enough.

For the kitchen, on the contrary, choose options with high long faucets. Think about it, you will have to wash food under it, put dishes, including oversized pans and pans. In this case, the tap should not interfere with free access to the bowl of the sink. If you are planning a sink for 2 bowls, be sure to choose a mixer with a rotary mechanism.

Overview of popular models

Turkish mixers are considered one of the best on the territory of Ukraine. For the washbasin, many Ukrainians have chosen a single-lever mixer, which is characterized by small dimensions and functionality. The control panel is mounted on the wall, the material is glass. This option looks stylish and modern. The faucet itself and the flow control valve are located on the glass panel. The material is brass, covered with chrome. The main feature is space saving and ergonomics.

A hygienic, single-lever mixer is well suited for the bathroom.

It is considered a convenient and economical solution for bathrooms. The control panel is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is resistant to mechanical influences. The material is not afraid of scratches, chips, it is easily washed from dirt and soap stains, which will be appreciated by all neat people. The control valve is made of brass and covered with chrome-which ensures a stylish design and a long service life.

Pay attention: that such a mixer takes up little space and is great for small bathrooms, and thanks to the hose connection with the shower holder, it is also suitable for open or closed shower cabins. Hidden installation in 2 holes will allow you to complement the new bathroom with a neat small mixer.

The models of Adell kitchen faucets are also distinguished by high quality materials and functionality.

Concealed wall mounting is characterized by practicality and visual simplicity, chrome coating takes care of the durability of the device. It is absolutely simple to regulate the temperature and pressure with the help of special valves that do not break and do not fail for many years. For the most part, the mixer panels are made of durable ABS, which is excellent for use in kitchen areas.

Kulagina Anna