Thermal insulation for steam pipes

Mineral basalt wool has high fire resistance and a wide range of operating temperatures - from -200 ° C to 650 ° C.

Proper use of glue when installing rubber insulation

There are two main ways to install Armacell Oneflex rubber insulation by gluing them together, as well as to the surface.

How to insulate a water pipe on the street

The most effective material for heat preservation in engineering networks is synthetic foam rubber.

How to use glue for technical insulation

There are a number of rules and recommendations for the correct use of glue when installing insulation from foamed polyethylene and rubber insulation, which must be observed

What is the thermal insulation of pipes in an apartment for?

Insulation of heating and cold water pipes will protect the pipes from condensation and, as a result, corrosion.

How to calculate the consumption of glue for thermal insulation correctly

Contact one-component adhesive based on synthetic rubber with the addition of a modifier and a mixture of organic solvent is used for the installation of pipe and sheet rubber insulation.

How to protect air conditioning systems from "sick building syndrome"

Armaflex AF rubber insulation (AF/Armaflex) is a strong flexible insulation that, due to its high resistance to vapor diffusion and low thermal conductivity, provides long-term protection against condensation.

Installation of rubber insulation in conditions of high humidity and high air temperature

Depending on the air humidity, temperature, material thickness and practical installation conditions, we recommend gluing, at one time, the surface of no more than 1 linear meter of the thermal insulation tube.

What do you need to know about energy-efficient buildings and why Armacell?

Thermal insulation can favorably affect energy in a building and indoor air quality by saving energy in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plumbing and refrigeration equipment, and can also help reduce installation costs.