Why use a protective coating on the insulation

Protective coating SILVER GUARD 1000 is a 3 – ply aluminosiloxane coating, which consists of a layer thickness of 200 µm, aluminum foil with a thickness of 9 mm and PET film with a thickness of 23 µm.

Coating SILVER 1000 GUARD will protect the insulation from mechanical damage, harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and weathering, and also chemically aggressive substances.

Features protective coating SILVER GUARD 1000 are:

  • flexible and lightweight material, which greatly facilitates and speeds up installation
  • the material is non-toxic
  • protects against UV radiation
  • resistant to oil products, corrosive environments and sea water
  • mechanical and chemical durability
  • the easy care material
  • resistant to corrosion under insulation


The protective coating SILVER GUARD 1000 wide range of application. It is used in projects located both outdoors and indoors, in tunnels. Because the material is eco-friendly and exposed to sanitary processing, it can be mounted on the facilities of the food and chemical industries.

SILVER GUARD 1000 released multiple roll width 1 m in the winding 10 or 25 m.


The installation of the coating is done on insulated piping with an awl, special rivets or metallic tape .

Aluminosiloxane coating provides the best economic solution for long-term saving, reliable control condensation and increase the service life of insulation.

If necessary, repair or replacement of equipment SILVER GUARD 1000 easily dismantled.

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