How to use glue for technical insulation

Recommendations for working with glue Proper use of glue for technical insulationPreparation for work

Installation of thermal insulation is carried out using various brands of special glue.  The choice of the adhesive brand is carried out in accordance with the temperature regime of the insulation application

The adhesive for technical insulation will connect the surface reliably and safely at medium carrier temperatures up to 105 °C degrees.

There are a number of rules and recommendations for the correct use of glue when installing insulation from foamed polyethylene and rubber insulation!

Jars with glue should be stored in a cool place, if possible, and protected from freezing.

In case of freezing, the glue restores its properties when thawing in a warm room. If immediate use is necessary, the jar of glue should be placed in a bucket of hot water.

The shelf life of the glue is 1 year

  1. If dust, dirt, grease or water is present on the insulated surface, then it must be cleaned with a cleaner. In addition, the surfaces must be dry before bonding.
  2. Pay special attention to the instructions for use on the glue jar. To avoid glue thickening too quickly and accidentally overturning the glue cans, use a special glue gun or small cans. If necessary, pour the glue from large cans into small ones. Close the jars tightly to avoid its thickening.
  3. The ideal temperature for installation is from 15°C to 20°C. Do not apply glue at temperatures below 0°C. If the glue gets too cold, it can be heated in a bucket of hot water. At temperatures below 5°C, condensation may appear on the surfaces to be glued or on the adhesive film. In this case, the adhesion may deteriorate.
  4. After opening the jar with glue, it must be thoroughly mixed until smooth. If the container with glue has been stationary for a long time, heavier components of the glue can settle to the bottom of the jar. For this reason, the glue must be thoroughly mixed before applying. Also, in the process of work, it is necessary to mix the glue thoroughly.