Installation of rubber insulation in conditions of high humidity and high air temperature

At high humidity and high ambient temperature, the solvent from the glue evaporates faster. This means that a wet film (condensation) may form on the surface of the adhesive. Consequently, the reliability of the adhesive seam is not guaranteed, because the surfaces to be glued may not stick to each other or stick together unevenly.

In such conditions, it is necessary to perform the installation as follows:

  • Apply the adhesive for technical insulation, as usual, in a thin, even layer on both surfaces.
  • Unlike the usual process, in this case, the surfaces to be glued should be joined and pressed together while the glue is still wet (without drying).

Note:Due to the shorter drying time, the glue must be applied at a time to a limited area. Depending on the air humidity, temperature, material thickness and practical installation conditions, we recommend gluing the surface of no more than 1 linear meter of the thermal insulation tube at a time.

  • In order to avoid possible stresses in the material and the opening of the glued seam due to the impact of the solvent that has not evaporated in the seam, the adhesive seams must be fixed immediately after they are glued with a self-adhesive tape installed across the seam approximately every 20 cm.

Voznyuk Anna