Do I need to insulate the pipe in the boiler room

Need to insulate the pipe in the boiler room?

A boiler room is a separate room, which is a complex of devices for generation of steam or hot water. Boilers are heating, heating-industrial and industrial.

The boiler room must be separate and uninhabitable, and with one entrance. Need a window for natural light from the calculation of 0.03 m2 of glazing per 1 m of the boiler or furnace rooms.


  • Correctly performed actions during the installation of the equipment in the boiler room - this is the way to comfort and economy. Single role I would like to highlight insulation for pipes in the boiler room.

Many leave the pipes are not insulated, but let us think about it, You bought an energy-efficient boiler, chose an effective heating system, automated system, and made the insulation pipe is a structure has a positive effect on saving gas, electricity, etc., If it is done correctly the thermal insulation wall thickness insulation should be the same as the diameter of the pipe itself, at least. Under these conditions we get the best performance and can achieve savings of at least 10%.

The made foam synthetic rubber with closed porous structure is the most versatile material for heat preservation and cold. Meets all environmental requirements.

Insulation foamed rubber is thickness from 6 mm to 50 mm pipe Diameters up to 114 diameter. For large pipe use sheet rubber insulation.

We need a tool for high-quality installation of insulation?

Model guide the ultimate solution for the thermal insulation of the pipeline, measuring device, markers, paint brushes of different widths and stiffness, glue, knife set, calipers for larger diameters, pair of compasses.

For installation we need glue, ribbon, PVC or tape made of foam rubber.

How to put insulation on mounted pipe:


But if You want to protect Your rubber insulation or to make aesthetics in your boiler, we have a protective aluminum cover. How to mount on isolated tubes - watch our video:


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