Professional insulation for high temperatures

As you know, the sun gives us a huge amount of energy. The task of humanity is to properly collect this energy. Energy does not come from anywhere and does not disappear without a trace, but only passes from one state to another.
The direct task of solar systems is the most efficient conversion of solar radiation energy into thermal energy.
And HT/ArmAflex, a flexible and UV – resistant thermal insulation material for use in heating, industrial and solar systems with a carrier temperature of up to 150°C, will be an excellent assistant in this matter.
When installing the solar system, part of the pipes is located on the street. Therefore, it is so important to protect the pipeline not only from heat losses, but also from the influence of atmospheric phenomena. This approach will increase the service life of your pipes, because replacement is an expensive matter. Regardless of which pipeline is used (copper or stainless pipe), it is very important to insulate the main line with high quality.

HT / Armaflex rubber insulation has a number of advantages:

  1. The thermal insulation material remains flexible at temperatures up to 150 °C.
  2. It does not create dust and does not contain small fibers.
  3. It has a closed-cell structure and low thermal conductivity
  4. Prevents the penetration of water vapor into the material, which reduces energy losses, protects and increases the efficiency of installations, as well as increases their service life.
  5. It is easy to install, does not require special tools.
  6. It does not need additional external coatings, does not decompose in the sun and is resistant to contact with petroleum products.


HT/Armaflex insulation is used for insulation and protection of pipelines in the following areas:

  • Solar collectors (external and internal)
  • Hot Gas pipelines
  • Car engine compartment
  • Pipelines with low-pressure steam and two-temperature mode during cleaning
  • Storage tanks in the chemical industry
  • Municipal heat supply lines
  • Pipelines of production plants
  • Drain pipes of refrigerated installations (the drain temperature can exceed 105 °C)
  • Hot high-pressure pipelines in Reversible air heat pumps


It is available in the form of 2-meter tubes and sheet insulation in rolls with a thickness of 10, 13, 19, 25 and 32 mm and is used for high temperatures and outdoors.

In some cases, discolored areas (from black to gray) or small cracks may appear on the surface of devices with HT/Armaflex insulation used outdoors. However, the appearance does not affect the physical properties of the material, such as thermal conductivity and fire resistance. When working at high temperatures, the sealing process can begin on the inner layer of the surface, which does not affect the operation of the insulation as a whole, provided that the insulation is properly installed and there are no gaps at the joints.

In modern life, there is a problem of non-renewable natural resources, rising fuel prices, stricter requirements for environmental conservation.  In this situation, the use of proper insulation of equipment operating at high temperatures is absolutely necessary.  

The use of rubber insulation HT/Armaflex not only allows you to save energy and increase the service life of installations, but also to avoid temperature fluctuations in the carrier due to changes in ambient temperature, which is especially important in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Due to the properties of this insulating material, heat losses in pipes insulated with HT/Armaflex material are minimized.

Anna Voznyuk