Triple protection from Armacell

According to recent studies, in industrialized countries, people spend 90% of their time indoors.

Studies by the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration, USA) have shown that air-conditioned rooms are an ideal environment for microorganisms and other pollutants. Indoor air can be polluted with microbes 10 times more than on the street. Microbes are the main component of indoor air pollution. And with sufficient humidity, the indoor air contains hundreds of species of bacteria and fungi.

Therefore, the choice of suitable and high-quality materials will prevent the accumulation of dirt, moisture and fungal growth.

AF / Armaflex is an excellent insulation material for HVAC systems and refrigeration systems in areas where the strictest control of humidity, hygiene and indoor air quality is required, for example in the food and pharmaceutical industry or public buildings, especially in those where there are people who are exposed to risks due to their age or health condition.

AF/Armaflex insulation leaves its competitors far behind in terms of energy saving and service life. 10 years is the minimum period during which AF/Armaflex materials will provide an increase in energy savings of up to 10% without harm to the environment. 

Triple protection: effective condensation control, active antimicrobial protection of Microban® and excellent fire resistance

AF/Armaflex insulation is one of the top products of Armacell, which has no analogues. It is still a vapor-proof material, but with a number of key advantages:

  1. Very high vapor diffusion resistance µ>10 ' 000 and very low thermal conductivity λ0°C ≤ 0.033 W/(m·K), which provides long-term protection against condensation.
  2. It has an antimicrobial impregnation / Microban composition-prevents the emergence and spread of fungus and mold in air ducts and pipelines.
  3. It does not support gorenje, and also does not emit fibers and dust.
  4. Temperature range from -196°C to 110°C
  5. The unique porous structure ensures easy installation.

AF/Armaflex-highly efficient energy-saving insulation with antimicrobial protection and exceptional fire resistance is optimal for installation and use in:

  • air conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment
  • public places (airports, train stations, exhibition halls, meeting rooms)
  • commercial and office buildings (shops, supermarkets, banks, business centers)
  • healthcare and educational institutions
  • processing industry (production of food, beverages and medicines)

The AF/Armaflex series offers high-quality and reliable solutions for all occasions and a full range of products for professional solutions of various tasks: tubes, sheets, tapes and glue, Armafix AF suspensions, as well as AF/Armaflex with a flexible Arma-Chek coating.

Exceptional convenience: the oblique cross-section of the self-adhesive seam in AF/Armaflex self-adhesive tubes increases the area of the glued surface and leads to greater strength and reliability of such seams.


Anna Voznyuk