Buckets and containers

Non–combustible trash can - what is its advantage

A non–flammable bucket is an ideal option for collecting garbage such as cigarette butts and matches, since stainless steel cannot melt and catch fire, and in general is not afraid of fire.

Trash can with mounting on the facade, what is the advantage

The retractable trash can is attached to the wall of the kitchen cabinet door under the sink, and in the process of opening the door, the lid automatically opens, so the process of waste disposal will be contactless and more hygienic.

How to install a retractable trash can in the kitchen with your own hands

The bucket under the sink is suitable for installation in cabinets with a hinged facade and is attached to the inner wall of the housing, so it does not sag and does not create additional load on the facade.

Outdoor Metal Ashtrays for cigarette butts

AISI 430 stainless steel ashtrays are suitable for outdoor and indoor installation.

Information signs and signs

A yellow plastic sign with the inscription for example: "Oberezhno! Slime blog" - warns visitors and staff of public institutions.

Plastic containers for sorting garbage

Sorting or not sorting garbage is a personal matter for everyone, but if this is not done, then in ten years our planet will turn into one big dump.

Plastic garbage cans: types, scope of application

Tanks made of high-strength plastic have a long service life and are suitable for installation in the kitchen or in the utility room, and are also perfect for outdoor use.

Cleaning trolleys: purpose, types

The cleaning trolley is undoubtedly designed to facilitate routine work and speed up the process of cleaning the premises.

Buckets for the bathroom – what to pay attention to when choosing

Trash cans come in different shapes and sizes, are made of plastic or metal and can have a number of design features, for example: a rotating lid, a pedal, a lid with a microlift.