How to install a retractable trash can in the kitchen with your own hands

The kitchen trash can is a convenient device with which the process of waste disposal will be contactless and easy. The main feature is that the bucket is attached to the furniture door, and two fasteners and a rope open the lid at the moment of opening the door.

What does a retractable trash can look like

For domestic use, a bucket with a volume of only 11-12 liters is enough. The material of a high-quality product is AISI 304 stainless steel, from which the tank itself and the lid are made. This bucket model has chrome-plated steel, which makes it durable, durable and resistant to various types of damage.

Chrome-plated stainless steel is not afraid of mechanical influences, chemical reagents, can be disinfected with standard alcohol-containing compounds. The rims of such a bucket are made of durable ABS plastic, which is also resistant to wear.

How to install a sliding bucket with your own hands

This bucket model is suitable for installation on cabinets with a hinged facade. The bucket is attached to the inner wall of the housing, so it does not sag and does not create additional load on the facade.

Installation diagram

  • The bucket has a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 29 cm. Before proceeding with the installation, make the appropriate markings, as shown in the figure.
  • Install the bucket mount. Please note: there should be a distance of 26.5 cm between the lower and upper mounting. The distance between the left and right mounts is 29 cm.
  • After installing the fasteners, proceed to the installation of the bucket.
  • After installing the bucket, it is necessary to mount the fasteners for the rope. Open the lid of the bucket and measure 33 cm from the center of the circle. Make the appropriate markings on the locker and install the upper fasteners.
  • Thread the rope into the appropriate groove on the bucket.

This simple instruction allows you to install a retractable trash can on the right wall of the swing cabinet. In order to install the trash can on the left wall of the swing cabinet, repeat the same operations in the mirror image.

Advantages of Retractable trash Bins

Compactness. The small size and convenient configuration allows you to hide the trash can inside the kitchen furniture. Such devices do not take up much space, they help to save valuable space, which is very important for small kitchen spaces.
Hygiene. The process of waste disposal is contactless, the user does not need to touch the trash can, and this significantly increases the hygiene of using the trash can.

Mobility. If necessary, you can remove the trash can at any time and move it to another locker.
Versatility. A retractable trash can can be useful not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom or any other room. In a garage, shed, warehouse, even in an office space, you can install a similar bucket, which should be "hidden" in furniture to save space.
Simple installation. You can install a retractable bucket with your own hands at any time. The simplicity of the design ensures an easy process of installation and disassembly, as well as repair if necessary.

Pavlovskaya Tatiana