Garbage cans for kitchen

The trash is a necessary accessory for the kitchen.
Introducing a capacity for temporary storage of waste remaining after cooking, the bin allows you to keep the cleanliness in your kitchen and eliminate unpleasant odors after cooking.

On the market there is a huge variety of these accessories. The company "Sanpreis" offers to your attention a garbage can TM Maxiflow stainless steel.

Why we recommend the products of TM Maxiflow?!
Redi main factors:

  • quality is a hallmark of TM Maxiflow – bucket made of stainless steel AISI 304, a material resistant to mechanical damage and therefore have a long life and keep presentable

  • having our own warehouse allows you to maintain a full range of products
  • competitive price on the market – we are direct importers!


Kitchen perfect bins:

In order to avoid the spread of unpleasant odors and bacteria, it is advisable to choose a trash can for the kitchen with a lid. And as important for kitchen hygiene and cleanliness and the removal of the cover with hands unhygienic process, we recommend you to use buckets with a pedal or built-in waste bin system TM Maxiflow.

Built-in trash pull-out has a system and a tight-fitting cover that provides ease of use in the kitchen.

Built-in trash can built in kitchen Cabinet, niche of the sink under the worktop and fixed to the door of one of the cabinets by using static holders.

Buckets for the kitchen also you can choose by material manufacturing — plastic or metal. Plastic bucket is lighter than metal, but does not have a presentable appearance, and may not fit in the kitchen, it is better to choose the product of stainless steel, having an inside removable plastic container.

All bins Maxiflow made of stainless steel AISI 304 or 430, and headbands made of impact-resistant abs plastic.

Trash can stainless steel will be a great solution for kitchen, bathroom and toilet the home for toilets in the shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, railway stations, airports, hospitals and other public places.

The company "Sanpreis" offers to Your attention a huge range of quality buckets for trash at affordable prices. Our experts will help you choose a bin that will fit perfectly into any kitchen interior and any hostess will appreciate the quality and practicality of our products.

Sergey Yatskevich