Waste bins for industrial enterprises: which containers should I give preference to

The specifics of waste collection at enterprises are quite different from garbage collection on a domestic scale. Regardless of what is specifically manufactured at the factory, the scale of the produced garbage and waste is exaggerated by household dozens, and sometimes hundreds of times. This rule is true for a company with a large staff of employees, so the amount of garbage is growing exponentially.

What should be the container for industrial production

A garbage container for an industrial enterprise should be roomy and more wear-resistant. The optimal options will be containers with a capacity of 45 liters.

There are many different configurations on the market, designed for volumes of 45, 50, 54, 70, 80 and 100 liters. Accordingly, the more garbage there is, the more spacious the garbage collector should be.

It is recommended to buy stainless steel urns from materials. Such household items have a number of advantages in comparison with plastic:

  • Durability. Unlike polymers and plastics, steel will last much longer, especially if a large staff of employees uses the garbage can, throws heavy garbage into it that can damage fragile plastic.
  • Resistance to aggressive environment. Stainless steel is not afraid of exposure to sunlight, low temperatures and fluctuations, it is resistant to corrosion, acids, solvents and other chemicals.
  • A lot of weight. In the case of operation at an industrial enterprise, the greater weight of the container is rather an advantage than a minus. Such an urn is simply not so easy to accidentally turn over during operation. Accordingly, it will be much easier to maintain cleanliness at enterprises. The stainless steel garbage container does not blow away by the wind, it will not overturn. An additional plus: a heavy urn is not so easy to steal. This means that economic intruders who are used to dragging everything into the house that is bad, are unlikely to covet a heavy stainless steel container.
  • Easy operation. The slippery edges allow you to easily and quickly clean the waste container at the enterprise from garbage and dirt.
  • Hygiene. Steel is insensitive to the effects of aggressive substances, so you can use any household chemicals and disinfection products to clean large stainless steel containers.
  • Aesthetics. The modern market offers a wide variety of shapes and colors of stainless steel urns, which will allow you to choose the best option that fits into the corporate style of the company and the interior of the premises.


What are the containers for industrial enterprises

There are several options for optimal containers that are designed for use in industrial production. For example, industrial stainless steel urns equipped with pedals and lids are available for 50 and 70 liters, which is completely suitable for installation in the yard or at the entrance. The pedal with which the lid opens makes the operation process hygienic and neat at the same time. The dimensions of 40x47 or 40x67 allow you to put the container almost anywhere.

Square open-type garbage cans are also popular. Designed for a volume of up to 80 liters, they have a stylish design that is perfectly suitable for both an industrial workshop and an office space. You can buy such a container in white, gray or black.

Waste separation containers are particularly popular. A separate collection of plastic, glass and organic materials allows you to increase the cultural level of employees, as well as make your own enterprise modern, focused on a responsible attitude to the environment.

Tatyana Pavlovskaya