Garbage cans for bathroom and toilet

Bathroom is an integral part of any apartment, private house, hotels, country complexes. Depending on the dimensions of the room can make an original interior, which, in addition to beauty, needs to be practical and functional. Bathroom has long been not perceived as a minor premise. Its design devote as much time and attention as other major areas. If the style of this room was separate and not tied to the whole interior ensemble, now have a common interior solutions. Choose the style and after buying all the necessary materials, ranging from tiles and finishing bathroom fixtures and accessories. Because of this room we start your day and finish, you should carefully approach the task of construction of coziness and comfort.

Abroad widely popular new trend is to place a bathroom in the bedroom. In private houses and apartments with a large area this project can be implemented.

In small apartments combine the bathroom with a bathroom to maximize space. Before you realize the room design, you should make a measurement of the washing machine and furniture because with the right planning, the importance of every inch. Such Association makes it possible to place the washing machine or spacious bathroom, and also offers more interior options.

The main task of the bathroom, in addition to hygiene procedures is to relax and retire. In order to hide household items, using a variety of cupboards, linen basket, compact bins.

In rooms with moist air will perform well the bins of stainless steel.

The advantages of this material:

  • moisture
  • resistance to aggressive environments and detergents
  • impact resistance
  • long life

The presence of a garbage can in the bathroom is connected first of all with private facilities. For women this item simplifies life at 100%. Because every day we are doing the makeup and washing it, use a cotton sponges and not to go through the whole house in search of the bins, it is placed directly in the bath.

There are several variants of this element of the interior:

trash bin with foot pedal – case is made of stainless steel and a removable plastic. Due to the presence of a grip, it is easily removed and, if necessary, to clean. In order to open the lid, no need to pick it up, just press the foot pedal and the lid opens. This option is good for the bathroom and for placement near the bathroom. In the presence of a different amount.
the bucket rim without lid – also made of stainless steel, the metal ring keeps the trash bag. In order to remove the bag, just remove the top part.
a bucket with a rotating lid for opening the lid needed a little nudge. Material – stainless steel. The bottom of the cover is made of plastic and has a magnet in order to avoid inadvertent turning of the cover. Can be used as a whole kit or just the trash can without a lid.

There are different volumes of bins, but for a bathroom doesn't need a bucket. It can be calculated only for 5 liters, it is unlikely that in this room you will need a bucket to a volume of 20 liters.

You will not gain this amount of garbage. Stainless steel models are more suitable, because it is easy to clean, practical and resistant to detergents. Model with a lid to prevent the spread of unpleasant smells. For ease of use you can get a model with a foot pedalto avoid touching with hands to cover.

The trash in the bathroom or the toilet simplifies life and, thanks to its stylish design, will suit almost any decor. Will save your time, you no longer need to go through the whole house to the bin in the kitchen to throw away q-tips, sponges, and other household stuff.

Anna Lozenko