Outdoor Metal Ashtrays for cigarette butts

The ease of maintaining cleanliness depends on how functional the ashtray for cigarette butts located inside or outside the room is. If the trash can is neat, tidy, and easily accessible, it will be clean around, and the cleaners will not have to waste time collecting cigarette butts throughout the institution. Today we will tell you how to choose street ashtrays, what to pay attention to and what their price is.

Cylindrical standard ashtray urn

The product is made of AISI 430 stainless steel. This urn has a convenient cylindrical shape and is designed to collect ashes, cigarette butts, as well as various garbage. The product is universally suitable for indoor or outdoor installation in smoking areas.

The main advantage is the material. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, thermal effects and does not deteriorate due to extinguishing cigarette butts. The upper part is a container for collecting ashes and cigarette butts, from below there is a container where it is convenient to throw out various garbage. This configuration allows you to protect the urn from ignition. The impressive weight will not allow the tank to fall due to wind gusts.

Another advantage is simple care. It is enough to wipe the urn with a damp cloth and can be treated with any disinfectants. This product is available with a height of 60 cm and a different diameter. It is also possible to choose different colors, which will allow you to match the urn to any design of a room or outdoor smoking area. The cost of a cylindrical ashtray-urn starts from 740 hryvnia, depending on the selected diameter. This is the most versatile option.


Cylindrical ashtray urn with grate

Another functional version of the ashtray urn, in the upper part of which a special bowl with a grate is placed. The material is the same AISI 430 stainless steel as the previous model, respectively, the urn is not subject to corrosion, does not rust, does not deform when extinguishing cigarette butts. The volume of the urn is 15 liters, which is quite enough for installation in public places with high traffic. The main charm of this model is a removable bowl with a grill, which is easy to clean at any time.

Such urns are suitable for installation in premises, as well as in smoking areas near hotels, hotels, cafes, casinos, offices and any other institutions. The care of the urn is simple: it can be washed with water, wiped with a damp cloth or treated with any disinfectants. The height of the product is 60 cm, and the diameter is 26 cm, there is a chrome coating. The urn looks modern and is suitable for any interior or outdoor installation.

The price of an urn with a grid is 1000 UAH.


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